Getting Involved in the Community

Learn more about how you can get involved in community action

The CECiL Office seeks to provide opportunities for members of the Mason community to engage in intentional, meaningful, and reciprocal collaborations with community organizations. Before serving or donating to an organization, it is important to educate yourself about community organizing, principles of quality community service as well as how to develop meaningful relationships. 

Learn more about specialized topics here:

Best Practices in Humanitarian Aid

Is there something you want to learn more about not listed here? Contact us at to schedule a workshop or conversation!

If you are looking for a service opportunity, whether for a course requirement, student organization project, or internship, we highly recommend these resources:

CECiL Community Partner Information 

We have added information about several of our community partners and we are working to add additional sites to this site. This can give you an idea of organizations listed by social issue though please note, it is not an exhaustive list. If you are a community partner who would like to be added to this list, please contact us at 

Volunteer Fairfax  

This local volunteer center maintains a database of current volunteer opportunities, which you can search by your own criteria, such as: location, volunteer interests or your applicable skills. Volunteer Fairfax is the primary place the nonprofits and service agencies in our area post both their volunteer and their donation needs. 

Patriot Experience & Mason 360

Patriot Experience is a new co-curriculum program at Mason geared toward student growth beyond the classroom. This program is the perfect way to help students:

  • Become an involved member of the Mason community
  • Network with faculty/staff/other students

  • Help prepare students to increase soft skills such as teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, adaptability, communication skills, leadership, decision making, creativity, responsibility, etc.

  • Enhance students' education at Mason

Volunteer Opportunities through Fairfax County Government

This is a database coordinated through Fairfax County Government organizations. Volunteerism is critical for the success of many county programs, and will likely be an extremely rewarding experience for you. They have a wide selection of volunteer opportunities that will allow you to serve different groups and ages of people, from children to veterans, and choose from many types of activities, from working at a desk to being active outdoors. Search this site to find opportunities that interest you and suit your talents and skills.

Volunteer Arlington

Volunteer Arlington connects individuals, groups, nonprofits and businesses in an effort to promote volunteerism. It is the connection hub that links volunteers both as individuals and groups to organizations in need of support.

Working in partnership with nonprofits, private businesses and government entities, Volunteer Arlington inspires civic engagement that in turn strengthens our community.

Mason Student Organizations  

Mason has many student organizations focused specifically on volunteer service.  You can learn more about them on Student Involvement's website.