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VA Engaged Journal

Created in 2011, the VA Engage Journal’s mission is to build our collective practical and intellectual capacities for meaningful community engagement by providing a forum in which undergraduate, professional, and graduate students enrolled in colleges and universities across Virginia can share and reflect critically on their own community-engaged experiences and can disseminate knowledge emerging from their engaged practice and research. Click here to learn more about this journal! 

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

SCHEV is Virginia's coordinating agency for higher education. Its mission is to advocate and promote the development and operation of an educationally and economically sound, vigorous, progressive, and coordinated system of higher education in the Commonwealth of Virginia and to lead state-level strategic planning and policy development and implementation based on research and analysis. SCHEV makes higher education public policy recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly in such areas as capital and operating budget planning, enrollment projections, institutional technology needs, and student financial aid. Click here to learn more about SCHEV. 

International Association for Research on Service-learning and Community Engagement

The International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement is a network that consolidates the value of SLCE for our understanding of the world and communities and has helped launch the scholarship of many brilliant publicly engaged researchers. Click here to learn more about IARSLCE.

National Service-Learning Conference

Put on by the National Youth Leadership Council, National Service-Learning Conference is a 3 day conference where service-learning educators, students, nonprofit leaders, and administrators meet to discuss and apply service-learning tools, lessons and more to their communities. Click here to learn more about the conference and other projects by the NYLC.

Engagement Scholarship Consortium

A non-profit educational organization, made up of state-public institutions, private institutions, and higher education member institutions. The ESC’s goal is to collaboratively build strong university-community partnerships in order to build community capacity. Click here to learn more about ESC, their award winning service projects, and how you can get involved. 

American Educational Research Association

The American Educational Research Association focuses on improving the educational process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education and evaluation and by promoting the dissemination and practical application of research results. This Washington DC organization’s members are faculty, researchers, graduate students, and other professionals with educational research experience. This organization executes five key programs; Communications, Education Research, Professional Development and Training, Government Relations, and Social Justice. Click here to learn more about the organization.