Critical Reflection

The Four C's of Critical Reflection is one of the core components of community-based learning as they bridge in class learning with service experiences and encourages students to think critically about root causes, applications of their service and class material, power, privilege, and their role in society.


Reflections should be ongoing and regular. They should be expected as a regular occurrence by students in the course.


Reflections should be connected to the academic learning outcomes of the course. Theories discussed in the classroom can and should be translated to real life. 


Reflections should urge students to think in a different way, ask different and difficult questions, and to get out of their comfort zone. Reflections should create dissonance and give students an opportunity to think differently about the issues, themselves, and the community. 


Reflections should occur with context in mind. Relate reflections back to current affairs and the experiences students are involve in through service.