Bonner Requirements

Bonner Leaders are selected through a competitive process open to incoming first-year students.

Applicants must meet regular admissions standards and have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Through the program, each student earns a $3,000 service-based stipend, renewable for all four years that students remain eligible in the program. The stipend is paid bi-weekly throughout the semester and not in one lump sum. 

First year Bonner Leaders agree to enroll in a 3 credit Bonner Seminar their first Fall semester. Every subsequent semester Bonner Leaders will enroll in a 0-1 credit course in the fall. All Bonner Leaders will participate in planned community service activities during the year.


  • Attend and enroll in the Bonner Seminar each fall and actively participate in Spring Bi-Weekly Meetings
  • Serve 8-10 hours a week at their selected community partner site each year
  • Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA during all four years to maintain a good standing in the program
  • Attend Bonner Leader Orientation, Fall and Spring Retreats
  • Attend monthly All Bonner Meetings¬†
  • Engage in the Bonner Mentorship Program
  • Complete a Senior Capstone in your final year
  • Represent George Mason University and the Bonner Foundation in a positive manner both on and off campus