Civic Student Advocate

Civic Student Advocates are passionate students interested in civic education and engagement

We are looking for passionate students interested in civic education and engagement. You will work with CECiL and fellow students to bolster your academic department’s focus on civic engagement through events, workshops and partnerships. 

The Mason community has a need for targeted civic student education initiatives on campus. Especially, within majors that are not traditionally focused on civic engagement. Students that have a strong interest in supporting this need are highly encouraged to apply. As well as those already working on civic education individually or through other groups.

Students will work 5-7 hours a week from August to December.

About and Partners 

Based on Mason’s voter turnout data, it has been determined that a targeted civic engagement initiative is necessary. In order to directly serve student populations with statistically lower turnout, we have created this program. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. 

Our Partners 
Mason Votes is George Mason University’s non-partisan political news outlet. An online election forum featuring candidate bios, voter guides, and more, Mason Votes is a space where students can come to learn about the issues, find out where each candidate stands, and engage in a dialogue about how to address the challenges facing America and the world. 

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