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SAIL Staff offer programs and trainings around a variety of topics. The recommended length is listed, but can be adapted/customized based on the needs/objectives of the group. 

For 2020-2021, we have created recorded presentations and may also be available to present in classes synchronously. To receive the recordings or to request a presentation, please put in a request below. 

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NOTE: Please allow for at least 2 weeks prior to program/training.


Presentation Topics

Social Action and Integrative Learning (SAIL) Overview (Recorded Presentation Available) 

10 minutes

This presentation provides an overview of SAIL programs and services including Alternative Breaks, Field Studies, Nonprofit Fellows, Bonner Leadership Program, Virtual Learning Community- Leadership through Community Engagement as well as SAIL events, Connecting with Community and Find Service Opportunities. 

Community Based Learning (Service-Learning) Overview (Presented by Kristen Wright, Community Engagement and Civic Learning (CECiL)Recorded Presentation Available) 

30-45 minutes 

This presentation is geared towards classes that incorporate community based learning into their coursework. This overview covers the basic philosophy of service, requirements, finding community partners, understanding capacity, professionalism, unintended harm and best practices for community engagement.  


Critical Service (Recorded Presentation Available) 

Can be adapted for 15-30 minutes 

Utilizing interactive activities, this presentation allows students to identify the social issues they care about most and identifies how to navigate potential unintended harm. This presentation allows students to consider their role and responsibility in the community and to consider community voice in community engagement activities. 



Active Citizen Continuum (Can be presented synchronously)

(25 minutes)

What social issues are you passionate about and why? 

This is an interactive activity that can be incorporated into any presentation. The Active Citizen Continuum challenges participants to consider their role in the community and knowledge of various social issues. By moving along the continuum, this activity identifies the importance of education around social issues and utilizes a community asset based approach to community engagement. This allows students to explore their passions, see the similarities and differences among their peers and allows for a deeper discussion of community and values.  


Tree of Power (Recorded Presentation and Facilitator Guide Available) 

45 minutes

This activity is called Tree of Power, and is a tool that student organizers all over the nation use in social justice trainings. Through this activity, we hope that you can start to take a critical approach to the ways that you engage in social justice work. By the end of this activity, participants will be able to identify symptoms of systems of power and institutions that maintain/perpetuate them. Articulate the root causes of social issues and understand the concept of intersectionality and make clear distinctions between mitigative and transformative justice approaches


Alternative Breaks 

This presentation can share about our Alternative Break program in more detail. Often presented by our Alternative Break staff and students, it incorporates personal experiences, what to expect and how to apply. 


Field Studies Opportunities

This presentation highlights the opportunities available through Field Studies, how to integrate this into your academic programs, how to prepare and what to consider before participating. 

 Finding service opportunities

This presentation allows participants to identify service opportunities utilizing platforms such as Volunteer Fairfax, Mason Gives Back and the SAIL office. We can tailor opportunities to specific disciplines and requirements. 

In addition to the above trainings we are able to offer trainings on the following:
Incorporating service into your student organization/course 
Facilitation Skills 
Servant Leadership 
Relational Leadership 
Know before you go- travel tips
Community Voice- the Community Partner Perspective 
Social Movements and Advocacy 
Self-Care as an Activist 
Controversy with Civility
Dangers of Empathy 
Compassion Fatigue 
AmeriCorps, Peace Corps or other Public Service Programs 
Please contact with any questions or concerns you may have!