Seeds of Change Awards


Community Engagement Medallion Recognition (For Graduating Seniors)

The Community Engagement Medallion was established to honor graduates who have excelled in their commitment to the community through activities such as community based learning, volunteerism, community/social issue advocacy, community work-study, and political engagement.

For more information regarding the application and nomination for this award, please visit the Community Engagement Medallion Recognition page.  


Active Citizen Award (For Undergraduate Students)

This award is for students who have made a significant contribution to the Mason community. An Active Citizen is a citizen of the world, they are individuals who prioritize the community in their values and life choices. They don’t have to take action on every social issue, but rather, see the world through that lens. They take action on issues that matter to them and their communities.

"If a student is educated about the social issues we face, and gets to know the individuals for whom those issues are reality and if they reflect on how that knowledge and those experiences inform their values and life choices, they'll be changed forever." Active Citizenship according to Breakaway.


Dr. Julie Owen Award (For Graduate students)

This award honors Dr. Julie Owen, a faculty member here at George Mason University who has been a fierce advocate, supporter and champion of community engagement here at Mason and beyond. Julie has been a voice for graduate students serving as a mentor, guide and connector aiding in their personal and professional growth. This award recognizes the outstanding contributions of graduate students engaged in their community.


Exemplary Community Partner Award (For Community Partners)

Exemplary Community Partner Award: exists to recognize and celebrate partner organizations who not only are doing great work for their community, but are also undertaking additional effort to serve as partners in education working with Mason students at their organization.


Engaged Faculty/Staff Award (For Faculty & Staff)

This award recognizes university Staff and Faculty who have been exceptional leaders in the areas of community based learning, scholarship and service. Recipients who have made a significant contribution to Mason's culture of community engagement and strengthening our commitment to the communities we serve.


Outstanding Partnership/Collaboration/Project

As part of our mission for SAIL, for true positive change and engagement, it requires partnerships between partners, students and faculty/staff. We want to honor the outstanding partnerships both on campus and off.  This award recognizes folks who are able to identify projects or collaborations in partnership with community. Focusing on working with the community and not to the community.

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