Leadership through Community Engagement Learning Community

Join the Leadership through Community Engagement Learning Community!

The Leadership through Community Engagement Learning Community offers students the opportunity to live with peers interested in exploring social concerns in order to become an active part of solutions through community engagement. Based on the Social Change Model, residents examine local and global issues through academic study and activism, with an emphasis on relational leadership, positive change and active citizenship.


So what exactly have we done?

This academic year, the Leadership through Community Engagement Community has:                                                        



Be a part of a loving, supportive community of people as dedicated to community engagement, service, and leadership as you are! The Leadership through Community Engagement Learning Community will offer you the chance to practice your skills, discover your talents, and become an active part of solutions through community engagement and service.

Below are more specific benefits of being part of the LCE LC:  

  • Learn more about yourself and develop your leadership potential through service to others.
  • Participate in a 1-credit class each semester that will enhance your understanding of local and global issues, in order to make ethical choices and become civically engaged in the classroom and beyond.
  • Explore potential career options that mesh your academic goals and civic commitment to social concerns.
  • Gain the confidence and skills that you need to succeed as active citizens and leaders in community service on and off campus.
  • Make a difference in your own life and the lives of others through volunteering and community building.
  • Experience a learning setting that is an active, supportive, and exciting environment to be part of.



  • Volunteer at least 2 times per semester with a local community partner
  • Participate in a one-credit course for the full academic year surrounding issues of critical community engagement and social justice
  • Attend both the Fall and Spring Retreats
  • Contribute to creating a vibrant, fun and engaged community amongst.


Learning Community Information and Application

Learning Communities (LCs) provide a supportive, educational, and exciting experience for students and allow them to make friends who share their passions and interests. With a variety of LCs to choose from and teams of dedicated staff here to create a positive and supportive experience for the students, LCs make it easier to find connection to the Mason community.


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