INTS 404: Ethics and Leadership

The following organizations have provided service opportunities to students in this course in the past OR they have expressed an interest in being a service site this year. 

Please understand that this previous or expressed interest does not obligate an organization to accept you as a service-learner.  Most organizations will want to view a resume or list of your relevant skills and experience and follow-up with an interview to be sure you are a good fit for their organization and their needs at this time.

If you have interests not represented here, you are strongly encouraged to seek out other organizations, using resources such as Volunteer Fairfax and other resources on available through Social Action and Integrative Learning.

Please contact your professor if you need further assistance finding an organization to meet your learning interests.

Cornerstones (formerly Reston Interfaith)

Address: 11150 Sunset Hills Road #210  Reston, VA 20190
Name of Contact: 
Phone: (571) 323-9555
Mission: We promote self-sufficiency through direct support and advocacy for our neighbors in need of food, immediate shelter, affordable housing, quality child care, and other human services.
Opportunities: Found HERE
Can you accomodate Student Groups? Yes
Please describe the type of supervision and orientation that students will receive:
Is your organization accessible via public transportation? See Metro Trip Planner.
Minimum Age: 16

10640 Page Avenue Suite 300 Fairfax, VA 22030
Name of Contact: Lauren Breeden                                   
Phone: 7038654251
Mission: FACETS seeks to help parents, their children, and individuals who suffer the effects of poverty in Fairfax County. FACETS envisions a day when everyone in Fairfax County has access to adequate and affordable housing and nobody is homeless. We seek to engage and educate our community in providing long-term solutions and resources to break the cycle of poverty for our neighbors in need.
Opportunities: Assisting with FACETS food pantry; driving clients to eye doctor appointments; serving as Community Program Assistants; volunteering in open computer lab; helping with boys group, girls group Jr./Sr., passport to fun program.
Can you accommodate student groups? Yes
Please describe the type of supervision and orientation that students will receive: We have training for each program available for the volunteers. The Volunteer Manager supervises all the volunteers along with the FACETS Staff Member, who works directly with the program the student is volunteering with.
Is your organization accessible via public transportation? See Cue Bus Schedules.
Minimum Age: 16 (to work with clients). No minimum age to work in office.
Background Check: We require both a standard background check and a CPS check. Volunteers will fill out the form when they come in for their volunteer interview which they must complete before they can volunteer.
Other: All are welcome!

Fairfax County Park Authority
Address: 12055 Government Center Parkway, Suite 936, VA 22035
Name of Contact: Erin Stockschlaeder
Phone: 703-324-8681
Mission: To interpret and preserve Fairfax County's natural and cultural resources for the enjoyment, health and inspiration of current and future generations.
Opportunities: The main project goal of Invasive Management Area (IMA) Volunteer Program is habitat restoration and tree preservation through the removal of non-native invasive species. Help restore local parks by removing damaging, non-native invasive plants and restoring the natural balance and health of the forest by planting helpful native species.
Can you accommodate student groups? Yes
Please describe the type of supervision and orientation that students will receive: There is a Volunteer IMA Site Leader at each site who teaches plant identification, removal technique and discusses the importance of habitat restoration and tree preservation.
Is your organization accessible via public transportation? See Cue Bus Schedules.
Minimum Age: Volunteers under 12 years of age require separate adult supervision.
Background Check: No
Other: No specific skills/experience required or majors preferred.

Aspire! Afterschool Learning (formerly Greenbrier Learning Center)
909 S Dinwiddie St Arlington, VA 22204
Name of Contact:                       
Phone: 703-379-6488 ext 103
To promote education, youth leadership and strong families through structured enrichment programs beyond the school day.  Utilizing a community-driven approach, we (1) foster academic achievement and personal growth among our afterschool students; (2) act as a resource for youth and adults; and (3) increase collaboration among service providers in Northern Virginia.
Opportunities: GLC is currently looking for students interested in tutoring/mentoring low-income students through our afterschool program, Learning ROCKS!, students interested in an administrative assistant internship, as well as students willing to host supply/book drives. See our website at: for more information.
Can you accommodate student groups? Yes
Please describe the type of supervision and orientation that students will receive: Each service-learner will go through a thorough volunteer orientation and will shadow a Learning ROCKS! AmeriCorps member as they begin their service-learning experience. The Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator will frequently check in with the service-learner to ensure that they are having the best experience possible. Opportunities for growth in the position will be presented to the student after a brief starter period.
Is your organization accessible via public transportation? GLC is accessible via ART lines 41 and 75, as well as by WMATA's 16 lines. See Metro Trip Planner for more information.
Minimum Age: There is a minimum age requirement of 15 years for all volunteer opportunities.
Background Check: A background check is required for all service-learners and volunteers. For those service-learners and volunteers 18 years and older, a fee of $20 is required to perform the background check.
Other: A passion for working with children and sense of humor is a must! No prior experience is required.

Northern Virginia Family Service 
Address: 10455 White Granite Drive Oakton, VA 22124
Name of Contact: Navara Cannon; Jan Hawkins; Angelica Newham
Phone: 571.748.2536
To empower individuals and families to improve their quality of life and to promote community cooperation and support in responding to family needs.
Opportunities: Homework tutor for youth; Childcare and children's educational and recreational activities; Client Services Assistant; Front desk greeter and client assistant; Administrative Support; Development Assistant; Special events planning, etc..
Can you accommodate student groups? Yes
Please describe the type of supervision and orientation that students will receive: Service-learner will be supervised by a program staff member for the program in which the student volunteers. Volunteer coordinator will check in occasionally with student and program staff supervisor to address questions, concerns, etc. Program staff member will meet with student as needed to address program-specific questions, concerns, etc. All potential service learners must attend a volunteer orientation. Orientations are held monthly and are led by the Volunteer Coordinator.
Minimum Age: 16; Volunteers under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
Background Check If service-learners/volunteers work with clients, they will have to undergo a Criminal Background Check. If they work with clients under the age of 18, they will have to have a Child Protective Services background check, as well. Mentors will need to be fingerprinted.
Other: Interest in helping families and individuals in need.