Community-Based Learning Courses

Community-based learning courses are a great opportunity to learn and make a positive difference for people in our community. For more information about Community-Based Learning or with questions, please contact Kristen Wright, Director of Civic Engagement, (CECiL) at 

Steps for Students Enrolled in a Community-Based Learning Course 

1.  Find a local community organization to work with. 

  • Some instructors arrange this for you and provided contact information in class. 
  • Some instructors provide a list of suggested organizations for you to contact.  Check for your course number on the sidebar.
  • If you need to find a service site on your own, resources are available here.

Allow time for this step and start right away.  You may need to contact a number of organizations before you find a good fit.  Additionally, some community partners require interviews, resumes, recommendations or a criminal background check.

2.  Meet with the staff person who will be supervising you at your selected service site.

  • Discuss the tasks you will do, what you hope to learn, and expectations regarding training, supervision, and feedback.
  • Discuss your schedule.  Keep in mind Mason breaks and any time-consuming class projects or exams you may prefer to schedule around.
  • IF your instructor requires it, complete the Community-Based Learning Agreement and Project Description and obtain your site supervisor’s signature.  If you are serving in a student team, only one form is required for the whole group.  

3.  Submit your supervisor’s name and email to SAIL via the Online Community-Based Learning Information form.

4.  Submit a signed Community Based Learning Consent and Release Agreement to your instructor and also complete Experiential Learning Agreement Form with Community Partner

5.  Begin your project. 

  • Please dress and behave appropriately.  You represent Mason. 
  • Maintain a written timesheet of your service. 
  • If you are going to miss a scheduled service date or if you drop the course, please notify your supervisor immediately.

6.  End of semester evaluations.