Community Partner Information Page

We are fortunate in Northern Virginia to have an overwhelming number of nonprofit organizations, community focused partners and non-governmental agencies working to address social concerns in the area. Mason and SAIL continue to further our partnerships and knowledge of these organizations and the impactful work they contribute. 

Looking for opportunities to partner with local nonprofit and civic organizations to be part of community-driven change? We hope this directory helps you find the right match for your interests, skills and future career goals. Please note this is an evolving list and is not exhaustive. This will be updated regularly but please let us know if you find any changes or have a suggestion of an organization we should include. Our staff is available to talk with you further and can help you find an appropriate site. Contact with any questions or concerns or visit our Find Service Opportunities page for more ways to find volunteer opportunities.  

Successful Partnerships Check-List

Whether you're working with a partner organization for just a few hours or a few years of your time at Mason, here are some simple best-pr actices to help you have the most impact. 

We want you to have a meaningful experience with your partner organization whether you participate one time or for an extended period of time. Here are some best practices for ensuring a positive and successful partnership.


This directory is provided as a service of Social Action and Integrative Learning but we do not endorse specific opportunities. SAIL assumes no responsibility for information posted on this listserv. In no event shall Social Action and Integrative Learning  or George Mason University be liable for any damages related to listed opportunities. 


Engage with your community AND become an active part of the solution. Learn about our community partner's work in the following social concern areas:

Hunger, Homelessness & Poverty Environmental Conservation & Climate Change Civic Engagement & Voting Rights
Racial & Criminal Justice Healthcare & Public Health
Education & Youth Development Women’s Rights & Gender Inequality Immigration & Refugee Resettlement
Military, Veterans & Family Services Other Social Concern Topics