How to Propose a Course

This is a general timeline for faculty who wish to develop a class for the first time through Field Studies at SAIL. Some courses take less time to prepare than others, but a good rule of thumb is the more lead time you allow when planning a course, the better.  

  1. For a new course, especially an international one, faculty should contact FS approximately one year in advance. Please read the FS Course Criteria list to ensure your trip meets our requirements.
  2. Once the course is approved and trip dates are determined, the faculty member should meet with the program manager and review the proposed class itinerary. After this meeting, the program manager will develop a preliminary budget based on estimated costs and to ensure that the trip is viable and affordable. Please note this budget may change depending on transportation rates, lodging costs, etc.
  3. After the preliminary budget is approved, the program manager will make any adjustments to the proposed budget and determine the fee structure for the class. The program manager will then determine the cut-off date and minimum number of enrolled students necessary to run the class.
  4. Advertising begins at least one semester before the class is being offered. The program manager will work with the faculty member to develop fliers and have them distributed on campus. The class will also be advertised on the Field Studies website.
  5. After the class is approved, faculty need to submit a course description to be posted on the FS website. The center staff can also link a syllabus to the course description. All materials must be emailed in MS Word format to
  6. For semester-long (classroom) classes that have field studies components (such as a weekend camping trip) students must be notified of this ideally prior to enrollment or at the very latest within the add/drop period, so that all appropriate deposits and fees can be paid to the center.

To discuss your course idea or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.