Support for CBL Courses

Social Action and Integrative Learning supports faculty implementing service-learning and other forms of community based learning pedagogy in their courses.  Contact the Community Based Learning Coordinator, Shauna Rigaud for further information: 

  • Assistance identifying local community organizations to establish new campus/community partnerships.
  • Individual consultation on course design and integration of service and critical reflection into class discussion and assignments.
  • Assistance with student registration for optional fourth-credit or independent study credits.
  • Assistance for students enrolled in the course, including a course-specific page on our website with contact information for your approved community partners.
  • Provide the forms and process the paperwork required to assure appropriate risk management and liability coverage (students can download a packet from our website).
  • Collect end of semester evaluations from community partners and students.
  • Course promotion website and social media. 
  • Faculty can receive the following reports:
    • Beginning of semester spreadsheet of community organization placement for each student and site supervisor contact information.
    • End of semester evaluations of the students by their site supervisors.
    • End of semester evaluations of the service-learning placement by students.
  • The Mason CBL Faculty Guide is available in either PDF or Wiki form.  The wiki is an ever-expanding source of resources available for download.  Consider contributing to it yourself:
  • The CBL Faculty Learning Group meets monthly to share ideas and support.
  • The SAIL Blog is an excellent forum for students to share their reflections on these experiences with a broader Mason audience:

Field Studies (FS)

Field Studies assists faculty with planning and logistics involved in incorporating off-site work in Mason classes.  The center is an excellent resource for faculty using any kind of experiential learning that takes students beyond the campus, including Community-Based Learning.