Getting Your CBL Course Started

Kristen Wright, Director of Civic Engagement, Community Engagement and Civic Learning (CECiL) can assist you in meeting the legal and risk management reporting requirements. Contact Kristen Wright, for individualized assistance.

When students will be working on-site with a community partner, some paperwork is needed to assure that the students, instructor and community partner have the same understanding of the nature of the project. Some paperwork is not necessary when students are working off-site on a deliverable for the community partner (e.g. designing a donor database or new website). Please check in with the Community Based Learning Coordinator if you have any questions. Any tours or site-visits should appear in the course syllabus.

For Faculty:

  1. Have a written process that ensures that the community partner, faculty, and students all have the same understanding of the expectations of the project before beginning. This should also be outlined in your course syllabus.
  2. Complete the Online CBL Course Form
  3. As a learning tool, you may also have students complete the CBL Project Description. This form is optional and should be used by students, faculty and community partners to clarify goals of the service.

For students:

  1. Sign the Experiential Learning Consent and Release Agreement and return it to the SAIL office. This form needs to be completed and returned to the CECiL office (located in Johnson Center 228) before their service starts. Students working with a Mason entity will not need to complete this form.
  2. Submit information about their projects on the Student CBL Form

Community partner Sites:

  1. Any off-campus sites for student service, must complete the George Mason Community Based Learning Agreement before students are able to start their service. See the list of approved sites here.
  2. If your site is not listed, please contact Kristen Wright at