Who Can Apply

Currently Enrolled Mason Students

Field Studies at SAIL welcomes all Mason students who are interested in our classes. As a student, you are responsible for checking with your academic advisor prior to enrolling in a FS course to find out if and how a given class will apply to your degree.

Non-Mason Students

Non-Mason students are welcome to apply. Please contact FS for details. Non-Mason students must check with their home institution as to whether and how a FS course will transfer or apply to their degree program.

Enrolling in Field Studies Courses without Academic Credit

Individuals may enroll in a FS course without earning academic credit. This is done on a case-by-case basis, depending on the course. Priority is always given to students who wish to enroll for academic credit. Depending on the course, the cost of the field studies class may not change regardless of whether the course is taken for credit or not. Please contact the FS office if you are interested in enrolling without earning academic credit.

Anyone who Plans to Enroll

Anyone who wishes to take a Field Studies class, regardless of student status or home institution, must complete the appropriate forms. This includes individuals who are enrolling without seeking academic credit.

We always welcome your questions and are here to help you! Contact us.