Natural History of Southeast Alaska

Tongass National Forest
Tongass National Forest

INTS 498 

BIOL 435

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June 5 - July 23, 2017 Field experience in Alaska from: Aug. 3 - 15, 2017

Instructor: Cynthia Beck

This class will count to fulfill science requirement for non-science majors in the School of Integrated Studies.

The small town of Sitka Alaska is nestled against the climbing hills of Baranof Island, one of the many islands in the Alexander Archipelago of Southeast Alaska. In addition to the old-growth coniferous forest (Tongass National Forest) and surrounding ocean environment, the Alexander Archipelago is comprised of freshwater lakes, ponds, streams, marshes, wet meadows, muskeg, subalpine meadows, salt marsh, and rocky intertidal zones each with unique plant and animal communities. 

Travel with Dr Cynthia Beck to experience one of the most ecologically diverse regions in all of North America.

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