Access to Education and Opportunity to Serve!


Our Mission 

The Bonner Leadership Program at George Mason University emphasizes an exploration into the ideas of citizenship and democracy, the differing modes of civic engagement, and application of these ideals across a changing social and political landscape through both local and global community service sites. 

Our Bonner Leaders become engaged citizens prepared to generate social change that will enable a sense of purpose and meaning with a common focus on community service and tackling global questions. 


The Bonner Leadership Program contributes to the development of Mason students into becoming well-rounded scholars. By partnering with community agencies, students become socially responsible leaders working to  create positive change for local, national, and international communities. The Bonner Leadership Program provides a scaffolded approach to community engagement that can help you to further your educational and future career goals. 


Developmental Impact

The Bonner Leadership Program’s student development model is designed to challenge and support students throughout their four years through their service-learning activities, courses, and co-curricular experiences. Through a combination of course work and community engagement activities, students will understand how knowledge is created, and how it can be used to address questions or problems in society. Each year the program builds upon itself, allowing students to lead, take more responsibility and think more critically about their community experiences. The program concludes with a Mason Impact designated Legacy Presentation.


Learning Outcomes