NCLC 348: Digital Futures

NCLC 348: Digital Futures
Dr. Lesley Smith

Lesley Smith is an associate professor in New Century College. Her course, NCLC 348: Digital Futures, focuses on digital activism through “participatory-action” projects.

A Unique Approach

  • Working in teams, students find and partner with a local organization or community that is underrepresented (e.g. one team worked with the National Coalition for the Homeless).
  • Students learn to use readily available technology, including smart phones, to create and edit high-quality, meaningful advocacy projects.
  • Students participate in workshops on digital literacy and action research.



Long-Term Rewards

  • By combining classroom learning, “in the field” learning, and student-directed, real-world projects, students can achieve higher quality learning and service.
  • Course projects illustrate to students the impact that homemade videos and a few clicks can make for populations that have not had the chance to be heard.
  • The processes and knowledge that students learn are empowering, and stick with them for years to come.