Alternative Break Spotlight: Erin

Erin Rodgers

Trip Leader for Color of Justice


“I chose the Food Justice and Community Activism alternative break experience because food justice is important to me. It affects every community in one way or another, but often slips under the radar because it isn’t always a visible problem.
Through this experience, I learned about the different ways communities address food security inequities head-on while simultaneously overcoming historic roots of the issue. I also discovered ways to apply similar interventions to other communities.
Getting involved with social action in any community might seem daunting at first, but the truth is it’s actually pretty simple.
Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of Googling! At Mason in particular, there are many opportunities available to students through the Social Action and Integrative Learning (SAIL) office; these include alternative breaks, social justice-oriented workshops, and various service opportunities. No matter how you do it, I encourage you to get involved in a meaningful way that ultimately benefits the community surrounding you!”


Erin E