GMU Parents Fund Grants AB Participants Affordable Spring Break Excursions

GMU Parents Fund Grants AB Participants Affordable Spring Break Excursions
Alternative Break, Jamaica Trip. Photo By (SAIL/Flickr).

FAIRFAX, VA | November 29, 2017

The GMU Parents Fund is a program where families can give contributions toward programs within student offices and campus services. Donations are collected and allocated across an array of strategic initiatives, like The Preamble, GMU Patriot Pantry, Mason Reads, and Social Action and Integrative Learning (SAIL)’s Alternative Break (AB).

Through the support from GMU Parents Fund, more students are able to experience AB trips with affordability. AB is a spring break option that allows students to give back to various communities. Service projects span across national and international borders - students can choose from five trip opportunities. They can remodel schools in Guatemala, enrich learning communities in Jamaica, and more homeward, assist in community activism in New Jersey, and help with ecosystem restoration efforts in Florida. AB also offers an outreach program targeting HIV/AIDS, in Washington, D.C.

AB collaborates with local communities and partnerships that make these trips happen. Various organizations include Kamalbe Spanish School & Volunteer Center and Volunteer in Jamaica Opportunity Network (VIJON).

AB is an experience unlike any other - students come to terms that legitimize unresolved social issues. With humility and servitude, they become a part of the solutions.

Over 30 participants have received the scholarship. With the generosity of the GMU Parents Fund and supporting Mason families, students are granted an opportunity that gives them full range to explore, understand, and face the world around us.  

For more AB photos, visit our Flickr page.