SAIL Welcomes You Back This Semester

Social Action and Integrative Learning.


Fairfax, VA | August 31, 2017

Dear Patriots,

It is with great joy to welcome you back for another semester here at Mason! The Social Action and Integrative Learning (SAIL) office wishes your year be filled with wisdom and with joy. As you navigate through your semester, keep in mind that SAIL is an active resource here for you. Not just as a service or another on-campus office, but as a group collaborative, as people, as citizens, as advocates for change, as listeners, as facilitators, and as members of the Mason community.

A part of our mission is to advocate for positive social change through education and awareness. With field studies, alternative breaks, nonprofit fellows, and more, our office hosts programs that embody service learning and community building. Come meet us, seek out SAIL’s opportunities, and become a part of something significant.

SAIL is devoted to embracing social change by sharing ways to get involved within the Mason community and beyond. This week our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and the monsoon floods in South Asia. To help, consider donating money or blood to organizations that are providing on-site relief. Check out NPR and The Independent’s article to learn more about ways to volunteer or donate. Also, use Charity Navigator to research where your money goes.

As we continue on with the year, we encourage you to stay informed and remain open-minded. Thank you for your interest, your passion, and your love. Have a great year!



Jackie Reed
Communications and PR Coordinator, SAIL


Update: How You Can Contribute to Hurricane Harvey & Southern Asia Disaster Relief? Visit Mason Gives Back for more information.