Two SIS students win Freshman Academic Achievement Scholarships

Two SIS students win Freshman Academic Achievement Scholarships
Natalie Schultz in action as a Patriot Leader for Orientation

The School of Integrative Studies is proud to announce that two of our students have won the Freshman Academic Achievement Award which then qualified them to apply for the competitive Freshman Academic Scholarship.

The Freshman Academic Achievement Award recognizes academically-talented freshmen in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The award is based on first-semester performance. It provides recognition to students who are not in the Honors College.

Recipients of the award are announced in the spring semester. Recipients of this award are invited to apply for a Freshman Academic Achievement Scholarship. The most outstanding scholarship recipient is awarded a renewable First-Sweitzer Academic Achievement Scholarship.

The Freshman Academic Achievement Scholarship is awarded to first-time freshmen who have excelled academically at George Mason University. Each spring, freshmen who have done well their first semester receive a Freshman Academic Achievement Award and are invited to apply for this competitive scholarship.

This scholarship is funded through the generosity of donors.

Integrative Studies student, Casey Comer has a concentration in Elementary Studies and a 4.00 GPA. Casey is from Centreville, Virginia and hopes to become a 3rd grade teacher in the future. She currently enjoys working with the student organization Teachers of Tomorrow.

Casey Comer collecting books for a Teachers of Tomorrow event

Environmental and Sustainability Studies student, Natalie Schultz has a concentration in Environmental Policy and Economics and a 3.79 GPA. Natalie is from Vienna, Virginia and hopes to work through environmental justice issues through a political and economic approach. Many people may think of Environmental Science and Studies majors as researchers and conservationists, but Natalie is interested in the growing need to understand how Economics and Environmental Science affect one another and developing areas of policy where they cause issues in our society, which ultimately affect everyone.