Field Studies Courses Offer Exciting Options

Field Studies Courses Offer Exciting Options

Summer may seem far away, but for the School of Integrative Studies (SIS), preparation for field studies courses has already begun. Next year, students can travel to such far-flung locations as Italy; Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic; Peru; and the Philippines on experiential learning courses offered through SIS. Registration is open now and each course offers its own unique experiences.

Ethical Leadership: Lessons from the Holocaust (INTS 498, HNRS 130, CONF 385)

In May, University Life’s Nick Lennon will lead students on a ten-day course to Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, exploring important historical sites from the Holocaust. Students will explore ethical leadership in a way that is applicable to life today so that the lessons of the Holocaust may not be forgotten. Students and course leaders will work together to explore questions regarding the formation of values, the responsibilities of leaders and followers, the existence of universal values and ethical principles and the influence of culture on ethics. 

Running from May 22 through June 1, this course will offer students three credits, and an opportunity to visit and learn from important historical places that should never be forgotten.

Leadership Memes in Italian Civilization: Linking Ancient Cultures to Modern Perspectives (INTS 498 and PSYC 461)

Throughout its history, Italy has provided a rich set of leadership themes that were manifested in enduring cultural artifacts. Students will learn core themes around leaders as warriors, problems solvers, politicians, and teachers. In this class, participants will explore what each leadership perspective suggests about the qualities of effective leaders, the relationship between leaders and followers, the role of ethics in leadership, and the development of effective leaders. By visiting important Italian landmarks, participants will experience the spaces and culture that inspired leaders who changed history.

Running from May 29 through June 6, this course offers participants three credits and will transport them from Caesar’s Rome to the Medici’s Florence, so as to better understand the lasting legacy of some of the world’s most influential leaders.

Conservation and Sustainability of the Amazon (INTS 498)

During this exciting field studies course to Peru’s Amazon rainforest, students will investigate the region’s exceptional biological diversity by tracking primates and other rainforest species. Using remote sensing equipment and traversing the world’s longest canopy walkway will allow students to learn about biodiversity that is inaccessible or elusive. Students will also explore the unique culture of the indigenous Maijuna people. 

This four credit course, led by Dr. Mike Gilmore (an expert in Maijuna people) and assisted by Dr. Mark Bowler (an expert on Amazonian primate ecology and conservation) will introduce students to the real wildlife and cultural heritage of the Amazon forest and the Maijuna people. The course runs from July 14 through 21.

All courses currently have openings. For more information on any of these courses, students may visit the field studies page or contact Greg Justice at