It’s Not Them but Us - Turning the Tide on HIV and AIDS: Washington, DC and Amsterdam

We are excited to introduce our first hybrid Alternative Break with the first part of the trip located in Washington DC and the second part will be in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Students will have the option to participate fully in person, hybrid of in person for DC and virtually for Amsterdam or fully virtual.

Estimated Cost: $1800 for Fully in Person (Note: Prices do not include transport/airfare. Flights are generally around $700-$800, but can change depending on different variables. Programming costs estimates and are subject to change.) 

During this trip, students will partner with community agencies to learn about the complexities associated with HIV, AIDS, and stigma in the metro Washington and DMV areas as well as comparing this to community health practices in Amsterdam. Through virtual interaction with our community partners, participants will examine the role of racial injustices, substance use, sex work, gender identity, people experiencing homelessness, and access to resources in relation to HIV and AIDS. Moreover, participants will begin to see stigma as a method of transmission and tool of oppression, and how relationship-building can be used to transform and heal communities.


By the end of the trip participants will understand:

1. Ways that HIV is transmitted and the differences between HIV and AIDS

2. How HIV, AIDS, and stigma affect marginalized communities in theDistrict of Columbia and Northern Virginia areas. This affects the Districtof Columbia areas the most, because young people are diagnosed withtwice the nation's rate.

3. Learn how to communicate with individuals who have chronic illnessthrough active listening and debunk the mythologies associated with HIVand AIDS

4. Compare experiences in the United States to Amsterdam and how social services impact community health. 


This Alternative Break experience will seek to understand how these social determinants of health create disparities that have been highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic and how our local organizations are working to address these inequities.


Video created by Blythe Dellinger, DC AB 2020 


Transportation in Amsterdam: Flight to Amsterdam/Public transportation

Transportation in DC: Vans  

Housing: AirBnB's

Food-Participants will be cooking group meals 


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