It’s Not Them but Us - Turning the Tide on HIV/AIDS: Washington, DC

Estimated Cost: $300 (Note: Programming costs estimates and are subject to change.)

During this trip, students work with NovaSalud Inc. and Food and Friends to learn about the complexities associated with HIV, AIDS, and stigma in the metro Washington and DMV areas. Through direct service with our community partners, participants will examine the role of food security, racial justice, gender identity, and access to resources in living with HIV and AIDS. Moreover, participants will begin to see stigma as a method of transmission and tool of oppression, and how relationship-building can be used to transform and heal communities. 


Video created by Blythe Dellinger, DC AB 2020 


Transportation: Driving into DC

Dates March 9-13

Housing: Air BnB in DC

Community Partners: Nova Salud, Womens Collective

Food- cooking own meals

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