The Changing Landscape: An Exploration on Gentrification and Immigration Policy

The Changing Landscape: An Exploration on Gentrification and Immigration Policy

As it is important to understand communities, it is equally important to understand those within collective urban centers. Within the last few years, the District of Columbia has gone through renovations and improving housing around the District. Gentrification is seen as the process in which individuals change the character of a neighborhood to increase economic value. This can have impacts on low income communities, more specifically, communities of color and first-generation communities. In the current political climate, immigration and international policy has been a critical topic in regards to citizenship, access, and mobility.

The DMV (Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) is surrounded by activists, academics, and politicians who work in understanding the changing landscape around us. This trip will seek to understand the complexities for international policy and immigration’s effect on the District’s gentrification landscape in the 21st century as well as understand effects of gentrification in low income communities/individuals of color.

We will be partnering with local non profit organizations in the DMV area including:  Just Neighbors, National Community Reinvestment Coalition, One DC, Capital Area Immigrants' Rights CAIR, and more.

Trip Leaders: Lizbeth Guadalupe and Callie Spencer 

Learning Partner: Christian Suero, Assistant Director, Staff Development, Engagement, and On-boarding – Residence Life

Coordinated in partnership with GMU Housing and Residence Life.