Ecosystem Restoration: Stuart, Florida

FL Trip

Estimated Cost: $300 (Note: Programming costs estimates and are subject to change.)

Working with the Martin County Park Services in Stuart, Florida, participants learn about the complexities of ecosystem restoration through direct service projects planting native trees and removing invasive plants, oyster reef building, beach cleanup, and park maintenance.

Students have stayed at the Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation. During the week, participants camp on the beach with basic camping gear provided by the SAIL office and prepare meals as a group. By the end of the trip, participants will: 

    • Understand the diversity of ecosystem restoration and complexities behind its causes and effects
    • Understand the individual impact on Lake Okeechobee conflict through 5 service projects on ecosystem restoration
    • Learn sustainable ways to protect, preserve and promote conservation sites

Created by Grace Loonam and Dasha Maslyukova 

Transportation: Driving to Stuart, Florida (staying near Savannah on travel dates)

Dates March 12-19th 

Housing: Camping in tents for a week 

Community Partner: Martin County State Park

Ideal number of participants: 12

Food- cooking own meals

Things to note/consider: This is our most physical trip and will involve hard labor for the week helping to maintain trails, removing invasive species and planting.

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