Social Action and Integrative Learning
School of Integrative Studies | College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Indigenous Culture, Education, and Equity: Guatemala

Estimated Cost: $550 (Note: Prices do not include transport/airfare. Programming costs estimates and are subject to change.)

Nearly half the adult population in Guatemala cannot read or write. Youth often drop out of school to work on fields, but with the farm sector shrinking, many young people leave their homes for low-paying jobs in cities. Projects will be developed in collaboration with the local community in Xecanchavox, a rural indigenous community, and the Kamalbe Spanish School & Volunteer Center. Students will provide assistance in the local elementary school that offers education through the sixth grade with projects that include teaching English, dental hygiene, and environmental awareness. Students may also help develop the playground area, promote non-violent sports, and participate in community beautification projects.


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