The Color of Justice: Mass Incarceration & Environmental Justice in Camden, NJ


Estimated Cost: $520 (Note: Programming costs estimates and are subject to change.)

In partnership with the Center for Environmental Transformation in Camden, NJ and the Graterford Think Tank in PA, this trip explores the intersection of environmental racism, mass incarceration and re-entry, and racial justice in Camden, New Jersey and surrounding communities. Students participate in direct service activities and engage with community members with lived experience at the trip’s focal intersection.

By the end of the trip, participants will be able to:

1. Define environmental racism and explain its significance;

2. Identify the impact of environmental racism on the Camden community;

3. Identify the intersection of mass incarceration with these environmental issues;

4. Contextualize Camden’s [experience] in regional/national/global environmental justice and mass incarceration issues;

5. And consider how Camden’s resilience can be a paradigm for other efforts to address these social issues



Video created by Jamie Melvin ‘20



Transportation: Driving to Camden

Dates March 12-19th 

Housing: Staying with Center for Environmental Transformation. Shared rooms with fellow participants. 

Community Partner- Center For Environmental Transformation and Graterford Think Tank 

Food- Cooking own meals/some meals provided


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